Birds, birds, birds !

Encore un petit aperçu de quelques nouveautés pour La Marelle disponibles à l'automne !!! Au programme, petites cartes, carnets, cahier et petits objets !!!

An other little glimpse to some new stationery stuffs that will be available this autumn on La Marelle website ! Little cards, notebooks, and other stuffs !!!

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Les Créations du Paon d'Or a dit…

Ah je suis très fan de la Marelle... que des jolies choses :)

Unknown a dit…

Great illustration, are amazing!!
I like so much your blog...pfff Your imagination its great.
Sorry but my english it´s too bad ;D
Kisses from Madrid.

M.M.E. a dit…

Oh, I love them! Your work is so nice! I'm really glad that I found your site.

Ëlodie a dit…

Thank you very much ! I just finished the new collection of stationery for La Marelle and it was so much to do ! I can't wait to show you the result !!!

mayflower a dit…

YESSSS La marelle =)
Ps: j'adore le petit piou piou

- @elodie_illustrations instagram -