Christmas spirit !

Nouvelle illustration dans l'esprit de noël inspirée d'une robe de Marchesa et de la jolie Valérie Bègue, Miss France 2008.
J'ai créé cette illustration en pensant que vous pourriez avoir envie d'une illustration qui se marierait très bien avec votre déco de noël !
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This is a new Xmas spirit illustration inspired by a Marchesa dress and the beautiful Miss France 2008, Valérie Bègue.
I've made that illustration because I thought some of you would like to add an illustration on your wall that fits well with your Xmas decoration !
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Amylee a dit…

Cette robe déchire, Trop trop belle !!!! Et je parle de ton illustration pas de la photo ^___^

Ëlodie a dit…

Oh merci beaucoup Amylee !!!

dahoé a dit…

SU-PER-BE !!!!!

Johanna Urban a dit…

Great blog, glad I found you!!

johanna, sweden

Danielle Shepherd a dit…

Beautiful illustration! I love the use of stippling - gives a lovely texture to the work.

Kelly a dit…


Thanks for your comments :)
I used to have a facebook page, but I found that I was mostly posting the same things I post on my blog anyway so I decided to delete it and just keep posting here.
I think they're great for artists too, I guess it just depends how accessible you want to be?

Hopefully France is not too far away with the illustrated windows!x

Ëlodie a dit…
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Ëlodie a dit…

Thank you everyone !

And thank you for responding me Kelly !
I really love your work, and I'll continue to follow you on your blog ;)

- @elodie_illustrations instagram -