Twiggy : new print + discount !!!

Un nouveau print "Twiggy" en format A4 est disponible dans ma boutique ici.
Les 3 premières personnes qui craqueront auront droit à 10% de réduction avec le code TWIGGY !!!
A new print "Twiggy" in A4 is available in my shop here.
The first 3 buyers will receive 10% off with code TWIGGY !

5 commentaires :

Crecre a dit…

Superbe illustration, j'aime beaucoup les couleurs !

Ëlodie a dit…

Merci Crecre !!!

tindra a dit…

I love your work!
Iàm wondering if you ship to sweden if i would nuy from your shop ??

I wrote about you on my blog and people have asked where they van buy your illustrations from :)


Nana in Sweden-Stockholm-

Ëlodie a dit…

Thank you Tindra ! Yes I ship to Sweden too ! I just forgot to add it in the preferences of my shop ! Now it's done :) Sorry for the inconvenience

Ëlodie a dit…

- @elodie_illustrations instagram -