Ëlodie works in Paris as a fashion illustrator since 2010 and developed her own realistic and poetic style.
Although she prefers using traditional techniques, she enjoys experimenting with new ones regularly to try and inject more soul into her illustrations.

Ëlodie is fascinated by fashion and have been commissioned for a wide range of clients such as Nina Ricci, Ladurée, Rochas, Galeries Lafayette Haussmann.

She has exhibited in USA, Europe, Australia and her work has appeared in a number of publications including: Elle, Marie-Claire, Cosmopolitan and in several artbook such as 'Curvy 8', 'The Purple book' with Laurence King Publishers and most recently 'Illustration Now ! Fashion' with Taschen'.

Clients :
Galeries Lafayette Haussmann - Nina Ricci - Ladurée - Victoria's secret -L'Oréal - Givenchy - Rizzoli - Cosmopolitan - Elle -

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