READY-TO-WEAR FALL/WINTER 2016-2017 Stella McCartney

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Hello everyone! <3
It's been a long time I didn't post here but I had a great news I had to share with you! If you follow me on Snapchat (« elodie_illus ») or Instagram, you probably already know what happened to me this week!
 For the first time of my life, I've been invited to a Fashion Show in Paris!!! Stella McCartney Winter 2016!!!


I think I don't have to tell you how excited I was when I received their fun invitation!
Plus the team told me that only a few illustrators where chosen to assist the show and then sketch live during 30 min with 3 of the gorgeous models of the show. We had the chance to have Ola, Valery and Sasha posing just for us!

The thing is I was so nervous my hand shaked so much! I wanted to appreciate every single second of this moment that pasted really too fast! Hopefully it was also planned that we could take pictures to draw from them later so that's what we did!

I hope you like my first illustration for Stella, more should come soon! ;)

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