'TRANSLUCIDE' group show #2 (en)

Hi everyone, the weekend is pretty close now so I hope you had a good week ?
 Since September I have plenty of projects on the fire, sometimes I wish I could split myself  or be more organized
in order to complete my to-do lists !
Especially I have a very personal project for 2016 that I can not speak to for the moment and which is very important to me ...

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I struggled myself to keep for myself this new illustration I created
for the group exhibition 'Translucent' in Annecy.
It's always like that, when I finish a picture I can't wait to show you the result,I can't help it :)

For once, I'm pretty happy with this illustration because it brings together some all my inspirations:
A dreamlike side inspired by the universe of David Hamilton, pastel colors and dots as always, a lot of  textures for a true authentic side
and of course a tribute to Lux film Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola which is one of my favorite films ever.

I hope this illustration please you. Please let me know what you think I love to have your feedback !

If you are interested to purchase one copie,
please send me an email to :

Titre : Lux

technic : pencil, painting et photoshop digital coloring.Giclee print using pigment ink on 300 gsm, 100 % cotton white Hahnemühle high quality paper in order to be closer to the original work.
This paper provides deep and vibrant colors.

Size : 41 cm x 41 cm (artwork : 40x40 cm)

ex : 12
price: 100 euros

- @elodie_illustrations instagram -