Bienvenue chez moi ! :)

credit photo : Allée des Roses and Yacin.Benh

As you might have been noticed if you follow me on facebook, a new photo banner appeared !!!

I'm not a photo person and even less a selfie person :)
I'm more the kind that annoy my friends when they try to take a picture of me because I always try to avoid it (Althought I might have made some progress in this area).
I don't know why, maybe because I've never been used to be taken in picture and also I never recognize myself in any picture...

Anyway, the result is that I only have a few souvenirs shots of myself in my all life (while I have a big board of my friends pictures at home).
In this blog if you take a look you could find maybe 2 or 3 photos maximum.  I posted some bad shots of myself to announce the winners of a giveaway  a few years ago and a video when I participated to Rue Stick at Puteaux in 2011 and that's it !

So I really needed to change that. Especially because I would really want to show  the human side of my illustrations work.

I think my desire of pictures began last summer when I really dive into instagram (yes I know I was so late but as I told you I'm not a photo person ^^). I used to have an account since 2012 but at the beginning I have to admit it was just another social network where I could share my illustrations and didn't have the time to really go further. And then I began to discover a new range of bloggers, photographs and artists that I couldn't come a cross on any other social networks and then I fell in love with instagram which is now my favorite network ever !

So as we used to follow each other since a few months, I shyly asked the lovely Allée des Roses if she would agree to make some photos of me to use as avatar on my social networks, blogs, websites. Of course I had absolutly no idea how this kind of things worked but she was so kind and explained me the all process with so much enthusiasm !

After a few chats by emails, we were both so excited about this collaboration, we even decided to go further and take some pictures of my studio and decoration. I think the place where you use to work influent particularly the way you work.

So she came at home with Yacin and it was so much fun. These two are really make a good team. The first make you comfortable with her words and laughs while the second were taking photos of you while you even don't realize it which is the perfect way to get natural shots !

I'm so happy with the result and even think to collaborate again with them for some projects to come.

What do you think of these pictures ? Please let me know I'd be glad to know your opinion about this serie.

And don't forget to follow the work of those great photographs on instagram :

credit photo : Allée des Roses and Yacin.Benh

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